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Nicoletta Cheese Factory

The cheese factory was set up in 1988 by Nicoletta Coda Zabetta, who had moved from Biella to the Aosta Valley with her husband, Paolo Peraldo. The wholesale and retail business was expanded over the years and was then given a complete overhaul in 2015. The company now also has two new people at its helm: Giacomo Peraldo – Paolo and Nicoletta’s son – and Francesco Barbavara, previously Milan-based lawyer, now an expert, passionate business partner. The cheese factory is based in Donnas, on Via Roma. However, thanks to the enthusiasm that the owners still today – after many years – convey through their products, it has recently opened a shop in Aosta, on Via Porta Pretoria 3 (Piazza Chanoux).

Nicoletta is now known as a cheese factory able to offer superior quality cheese products, above all the excellent strictly-Aosta-Valley cheeses ready to be exported on the international markets. Of these, make sure you try the Nicoletta cheeses ripened in various ways, including: by washed-rind ripening, for Fontina, Toma di Gressoneyand Rascard; ripening with cheese mites, which occurs when the cheese mites create a crust that naturally seals in and protects the cheese; bloomy rind ripening, for Montagnardcheese; mould rind ripening, for goat’s cheeses; and blue-veined cheeses, such as the Bleu di Nicoletta. And don’t forget the sheep’s and goat’s cheeses. All Nicoletta products are distinguished by the authentic, natural smell of the raw milk, keeping all the organoleptic qualities intact. Last but not least, the body care products, made according to ancient pharmaceutical recipes and containing locally sourced milk, grapes, honey, arnica, flowers and fruits.
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Nicoletta Cheese Factory

92F, Via Roma
11020 Donnas (Ao)
T. + 39 0125 806032