Within the fortress, inside the Carlo Alberto Opera, you will find a permanent display area, “Espace Vallée Culture” is a centre dedicated to promoting and enhancing the cultural heritage of Valle d’Aosta.

Information is available in four languages and the visitor has the opportunity to gain insight into the whole of Valle d’Aosta and what it has to offer; its varied stunning natural environment (mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests, waterfalls, parks and nature reserves…) on one hand, and on the other its culture, history, art and traditions (sacred prehistoric archaeological sites, Roman and medieval architecture, mighty castles and fortresses, frescoes, religious artwork, wine and gastronomy festivals, craftwork, local fairs, exhibitions, patois dialect and bilingualism…) makes Valle d’Aosta one of the most beautiful regions in the Alps.

The space is cared by Valle d’Aosta Office For Heritage and Cultural Activities.

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