Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday

The Museum of the Alps

Discovering the Alps and getting to know the mountain in an interactive, multimedia and multidisciplinary journey.

An avant-garde museum space telling the story of a living, breathing mountain transformed in the hands of mankind. Tradition and modern technology are fused together to take you on a voyage into time and space where the sets are brought alive through visual projections, sounds and interactive multimedia games. A process of discovery in which the visitor becomes the protaganist like the leading character in an exciting novel and is called upon to use all the five senses, offering an extremely enjoyable learning experience that plunges you deep into the alpine culture.

The exhibition space consists of twenty-nine rooms divided into four parts. Immediately involving the visitor, the discovery of the Alps begins with short video projections outlining the themes covered in each of the four sections and narrated by four specialists: a naturalist, a geographer, an anthropologist and a meteorologist. In the first of the four sections the visitor is presented with an interpretation of contemporary landscape. The second section examines the mountain environment and its principal natural and human components leading onto the third section which is devoted to alpine civilization. The final part of the journey illustrates the transformation of the mountain in its period of modernization.

The Museum of the Alps is located on the first floor of the most important building of the fortress compound, the Carlo Alberto Opera, at the very top of the fortified rock. The visitor is saved the daunting task of the steep climb up from the medieval village of Bard at the foot of the fortress, thanks to the futuristic external lifts made of crystal glass. Once at the top, following along an impressive glass and steel stairway, you arrive at the heart of the Carlo Alberto Opera where you will find the museum.