Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday

The Ferdinando. Museum of Frontiers

The Frontier Museum explores the concept of boundaries not only from a political point of view but also an economic and cultural one.

The final part of the new museum asks for a question: “The Alps, do they represent a border?, with the aim of leading the visitor to reflect about their development and on the meaning given to the word frontier: boundary or barrier? Obstacle or beaming?

This aspect outlines an exhibition that conveys a complex and structured view not only of Fort of Bard, but also the historical, social, cultural and geopolitical context within which they are placed in different historical periods: a journey into the past that ends with an extremely current reflection on the present.
In this way the visitor is involved in a dialogue with the place where he is located, in search of an identity, the one of the Alps, in constant evolution, which becomes the crossroads of great events of the past and the history of men made of simple and memories actions.