Commercial Facilities

The commercial facilities will be housed in the Supplementary Opera of the Fortress, found at the foot of the Carlo Alberto Opera next to the fascinating mass of polished rock once covered by a glacier and upon which the fortress is built.


Inside the commercial gallery called Passage du Fort it is possible to find a new and elegant activity: Stefano Unterthine’s naturalistic art gallery. The gallery offers a selection of really artistic photographs which have been realized and choosed in Digigrafia as well by the photograph himself. In addition, in the Little Wild Gallery it is possible to find Stefano Unterthiner’s books as well and the catalogue of the publications produced by Ylaios Editions. Free entry.

The gallery is opened every week saturday and sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Gallery is opened in August every day.

T. + 39 340 7636432

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