Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday

The Children’ Alps Museum

A highly interactive museum entirely dedicated to the young. Through playful activities the children, accompanied by educators, will have the opportunity to learn about mythology and take on the challenge of a virtual climb up Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc).

The itinerary

The itinerary uses a variety of languages and can be questioned and “manipulated” by the visitors who must, above all, choose the best route and equipment for the climbing adventure before them. The contents of the various rooms feature innumerable interactive options offering an introductory context to visiting the mountains and mountaineering, useful not only to the young public, but also to adults.

The virtual climb is developed in 9 rooms:
Preparing the climb. In the first room visitors will see illustrated four mountain climber profiles corresponding to the four possible results that can be obtained on the basis of their score: from the most inexperienced to the most expert. At the end of the game, youngsters can compare their performance with the profiles described, after compiling their answer sheets along the way. The participants will form rope parties wearing harnesses and climbing ropes, and will be given answer sheets and pencils to note down their scores.

The approach. In this transition room, texts and images describe the landscape crossed: from chestnut woods at the bottom of the valley to the snows of the Mont Blanc peak.
The mountain hut. This room represents the start of the trip, planning the route and packing the rucksack. The young people must trace virtually the route that will lead them to the top, choosing from the various options at each stage, keeping in mind the weather forecasts that they can consult in real time. Each rope party will choose what to take for the ascent of Mont Blanc. On an interactive table featuring a series of articles, they must choose the most suitable items to put in their rucksack for the excursion.
The glacier. In the next room the young people must cross a glacier. A sensitive floor simulates the crossing, with projections and special effects making it true to life.

The crest. This game simulates “the passage at the crest”, with the difficulty of remaining perfectly balanced on a curved and somewhat irregular surface animated by a wind effect.
The peak. Here the virtual ascent ends; a souvenir photo will be taken and placed in the panel of real mountain climbers.
The world’s peaks. A space where you can find out about the great climbers who have conquered the world’s highest peaks.
The yeti. The 3D reconstruction of a yeti will appear by surprise leading the youngsters towards the final room, a mini auditorium showing films about mountains.

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