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Arnad, lard capital

Arnad, the capital of lard, is just 3 km from the Bard Fortress. Valleé d’Aoste Lard d’Arnad is a product of protected designation of origin, obtained by processing pork loin from which adequate fat has been removed, followed by curing in “doils”, ancient tubs in chestnut or oak wood. Inside these special vessels, the layers of lard, laid one on top of the other until the vessel is full, are alternated with a mixture of salt, water, spices, natural flavourings and aromatic mountain herbs. This preservation method is a very ancient one. In fact, it is so old that the first inventory of Arnad castle, dating back to 1763, indicated the presence of four doils in the kitchen. The lard is left to mature for at least three months. It is during this resting period that the product takes on its aroma and the much-appreciated sensory characteristics that set it apart. Arnad Lard is the only lard in Europe to bear the PDO mark of quality.