Fort Bard open from Thuesday to Sunday

Exceptional vineyards: from Donnas to Montjovet

The sun-drenched slopes of the Lower Aosta Valley have provided the ideal environment for growing vines for centuries. The terraced landscapes of Donnas welcome visitors to the Aosta Valley, just a few kilometres from the Bard Fortress. This is where Nebbiolo, Freysa and Neyret grapes are grown, used to produce the Vallée d’Aoste Donnas DOC, a full-bodied wine (12.5°-13.5°), served at a temperature of 20°-22°. It was the first Aosta Valley wine to obtain DOC status (Controlled Denomination of Origin). The Fortress is set between the wine-growing areas of Donnas and Arnad-Monjovet, where another DOC red wine is produced, whose dry flavour is reminiscent of some prestigious Nebbiolo-based wines of the Piedmont Prealps. The Arnad-Montjovet has a strong alcohol strength (12°-13°), especially in the Supérieur version.

From vineyard to vineyardon foot
The charming Vineyard Route runs between Donnas and Pont-Saint-Martin and is easy for everyone to enjoy on foot, setting out from either of the two towns. Admire the panoramic view of the entrance to the Aosta Valley from the route and the lowlands of the nearby Canavese.