Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


Forte di Bard presents Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis from 23rd May to 30th September 2015. Exhibition designed and curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado.

The project draws together 245 stunning black and white photographs, the result of Salgado’s expedition across the 5 continents to show the rare beauty of a unique and precious heritage: our planet.

Genesis is the new opus by Sebastião Salgado, the most important world-renowned documentary photographer of our time: a passionate gaze towards the need for protecting our planet, changing our lifestyle and finally taking on new responsible behaviour which will be more respectful towards nature and the world around us.

“Personally I see this project as a potential path towards the rediscovery of man’s role in nature – Salgado himself explained. I called it Genesis because, I wish we could go back to the origins of the planet, if possible. Through my work I mean to show nature as it was, without men and women, and as mankind and nature had been coexisting for a long time in what we call natural balance”.

The exhibition is the result of an eight-year exploration on over thirty trips. The photo feature is divided into five parts dedicated to five geographical regions: Planet South with Argentina, the Antarctic and its isles, Africa, and Sanctuaries – this third part is dedicated to the islands which have harboured a specific biodiversity, such as Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya Indonesia.

Then Northern Spaces, including not only the cold regions but also the wonderful US Colorado. The fifth and last part is finally dedicated to Amazonia, the lungs of our planet, the place where infinite species of flora and fauna still survive: the Brazilian Pantanal with its special habitat and Venezuela Amazonas with its magnificent mountains.