Fort Bard open from 22 May


Forte di Bard celebrates Cervino. 150 years after the memorable conquest of its peak, from 7th July to 8th November 2015 in the Museum of the Alps visitors can discover a space dedicated to alpinism, homage to the world’s most photographed mountain and renowned icon of all mountains.
This exhibition Cervino 150×10 presents works belonging to the Cravetto Collection by Cervino S.p.A., together with two works from the Forte di Bard Arts Collection, all celebrating Cervino.

The almost perfect triangle of its summit has been portrayed through the different languages of twentieth century art:
From the Realism painting of Italo Mus and Felice Casorati, through the exquisite chromaticisms of Cesare Maggi, Giovanni Macciotta and Adriano Spilimbergo, to the fine tactile portrait of the peak by Léonor Fini; from Salvador Dalí’s precious ink stroke, to one of the rare paintings by Michelangelo Pistoletto, up to Hans Hartung’s informal interpretation which transforms the mount into a set of straight lines cast high up.
Finally, French photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s extraordinary photographyshot during his exhibition itinerary Earth from Above closes this installation.

Visit available with the Museum of the Alps ticket.