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The exhibition called Gregorio Botta. Apnea, scheduled from May 24th to August 17th, 2014, contains a rich selection of the artist’s most recent production around the theme of water, marked in the striking area of the Stables of the Fort.
The exhibition is conceived as a series of breath stations: he returned to the issue of cyclicality, water, rhythm of the air. The title of the exhibition, Apnea, refers, as told by the artist himself, to ” the pause of breath, that moment of suspension in which the phase of inspiration is accomplished and expiration has not yet begun. It can last a few seconds or minutes. It’s time to maximum introspection, the one where you have closed the doors to the world and expects to reopen them. It is only in a physical and mental silence that it helps to perceive the intensity of existence. Eastern meditation techniques put great emphasis on breath awareness of breathing. About breathing, apnea is perhaps the most intense and interesting moment. ”

Gregorio Botta was born in Naples in 1953. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome following Toti Scialoja lessons. He lives and works in Rome. Gregorio Botta represents a complex search where coexist different components and materials such as wax, water, fire, metal and glass that the artist composes in archetypal forms from powerfully symbolic value (circle, square…). Through the combination of these materials, the artist creates a basic, minimal shape evoking philosophical truth: everything that exists is made of Air, Water and Fire.

Gregorio Botta. Apnea
Stables of the Fort
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