Fort Bard open from Thuesday to Sunday

View of the Fortress: Albard, Verale and the Tête di Cou

This is a lovely hike along a mule trail of military origin that makes its way uphill starting from the village of Albard,in the Municipality of Bard, which you can reach by car by driving up from Donnas. The trail climbs through chestnut woods and affords a fabulous view of the Bard Fortress and the first peaks of the Champorcher valley.
The area is studded with ruins of barracks and trenches, the oldest of which date back to the Napoleonic era. The mule trail reaches the Verale Alpine pasture (photo) where you will find a chapel with a distinctive bell-tower, fountains and the hamlet’s oven.
The path continues towards Arnad, as far as the Col de Cou Alpine pastures at an altitude of 1372 metres. Here you will find ruins of military barracks and large grasslands used for grazing. The climb from Albard up to Col de Cou takes approximately two and a half hours.

You can also reach Col de Cou from the Municipality of Arnad, taking the trail that climbs up to the Machaby Shrine. The route is marked by accurate signposts.