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On the ancient Via delle Gallie: Pont-Saint-Martin and Donnas

The Via delle Gallie was the first public construction in the Aosta Valley. The road cuts across the Aosta Valley region, starting in Eporedia (Ivrea) and going as far as Augusta Prætoria (Aosta), before branching off towards the Little St. Bernard Pass and the Great St. Bernard Pass. The route still preserves invaluable archaeological ruins that are still visible to this day. Admire the tremendous stone Roman bridge (photo at the bottom of the page) that crosses the Lys stream in the centre of Pont-Saint-Martin, 6 km away from the Fortress. Anchored to the bare rock, it stands 25 metres tall and its single arch spans a width of 35 metres. At the base, hollowed out in the rock, you can see the housing of the wooden beams that formed the scaffolding required to build the stone arch. At the entrance to the bridge, you can visit the Museo del Ponte Romano [Roman Bridge Museum], open daily from 9 am to 6 pm with free admission. The museum presents all the historical information and curiosities about this extraordinary piece of architecture. It is well worth visiting the old village, stretching along Via Roma, and taking a walk from there up to the Baraing Castle.

Continuing in the direction of Aosta, 3 km from the Fortress, tourists can walk along the Gallie Roman road (photo) to Donnas, positioned after the town’s characteristic Medieval quarter . Here the ancient road presents one of its most distinctive and spectacular spots, carved into the bare rock for a distance of 221 metres. It is surmounted by an archway 4 metres thick, 4 metres high and almost 3 metres wide.