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Perloz is a little village clinging to the sides of the mountain, at an altitude of 660 metres at the entrance to the Gressoney Valley. It is surrounded by thick chestnut woods and orchards, bathed in plenty of sun. Here you will find two impressive elegant houses that once belonged to the Vallaise family, adorned with cross-windows and coats of arms of the nobility. One is at the far end of the village, while the other is in the centre.The Santissimo Salvatore parish church is of interest, built in the early 17th century. The façade is decorated with a large fresco showing the Last Judgement, painted by artists from Valsesia. You can enjoy many easy walks departing from Perloz to explore the villages, natural beauty spots and architectural gems. Or, you can try the medium-difficulty hikes to the Col Fenêtre Pass (1670 m), Mont Crabun (2710 m) and to the Croix Varfei (1638 m) and Croix Corma (1958 m).

Points of interest

Notre Dame de La Garde Shrine
The picturesque setting overlooking the valley floor attracts hordes of pilgrims and hikers. The complex is surrounded by chestnut groves and encompasses the shrine itself, the aedicules of the Mysteries and the ancient Palazzo dei Pellegrini. The view from here stretches as far as the Canavese lowlands. The façade is very elegant with a portico supported by four stone columns, positioned to protect the entrance. Inside, the statue of the Virgin Mary on a throne with her Child, dating back to the 14th century, is positioned in the centre of the high altar. The side altars, the raised platform and 17th-century organ, the countless ex-votos hanging on the walls and the adjacent Carmine chapel where an early 17th-century valuable relief is kept, depicting Our Lady of Mount Carmel, are all worthy of note. The square in front of it features a beautiful fountain with a basin carved out of a single stone boulder, dated 1736.

Chemp, the village of art
The village of Chemp is set in a commanding position above the lower Lys valley. It boasts splendid rural architecture and an open-air museum of works in wood and bronze by the sculptor Angelo Bettoni and other artists. You can get there by car and on foot, following the ancient trails that linked all the villages in the area together.

Museum of the Resistance and the Chemin de la liberté
During the Second World War, the Perloz area witnessed many retaliations. In 1943, a partisan group from Perloz became the protagonist of the first armed resistance against the regime in the Lower Aosta Valley. The “Campana del Partigiano”, or Partisan Bell, was put up to commemorate the event in the hamlet of Marine. You can visit the Museo della Resistenza della Brigata Lys (Museum of Resistance of the Lys Brigade) in the town of Perloz. The Museum is situated in the district of Capoluogo in Perloz, inside a historical building that was home to the first partisan group operating in the lower Aosta Valley, the Lys Brigade, immediately after the war. There is a collection of some memorabilia of the Partisan Brigade as well as various documents relating to the struggle for liberation, donated, as well as resulting from research.
Les Chemins de la Liberté: beyond the museum, you can also discover the sites of the partisan fighting along the itinerary that takes you from Plan de Brun to the hamlet of Marine, which takes roughly one hour to walk.

The common peony and its surrounding area 
Between the municipalities of Perloz and Arnad, in the Col Fenêtre area, the Peonia officinalis, or common peony, grows in a natural environment. The plant is considered a protected species. The Col Fenêtre area was classified as a Site of Community Importance in 2003. It is of great importance for the huge diversity of flora, the rural architecture and the route along the mule track which takes you from Fey, through the villages of Pessé and Fenêtre, before reaching the Sci site at Col Fenêtre.


Feta dou Pan Ner
This traditional festival takes place on the penultimate Sunday of July in the hamlet of Marine. An age-old oven is used to bake the black bread.

Bataille de Tchevre
The hamlet of Tour d’Héréraz holds the traditional battle of the goats in November.



Municipality of Perloz

2, Loc. Capoluogo
11020 Perloz (Ao)
T. + 39 0125 807974