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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53

Fort of Bard hosts the Italian preview world tour of the photographic exhibition Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the most prestigious and important photographic event of its kind. For this 53rd edition, the prize presented by the Natural History Museum of London chose more than fifty thousand photos, coming from 92 countries. A hundred photos taken with great skill throughout the year 2017 and divided into 16 categories. These wonderful images tell the nature in all its aspects by catching fascinating details and scenic landscapes that visitors could discover for the first time in Italy. A journey through the most extraordinary places around the world.

This year the overall winner is the south African photographer Brent Stirton with his shoot called “Memorial to a species”. It shows a shot rhino with his horn cut off, in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, the African oldest natural reserve.

The Dutch Daniël Nelson won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award category with his wonderful picture of a lying gorilla eating a bread fruit inside the National Park of Odzala’s forest, in the Republic of Congo.

. Conference with Angiolo Manetti and Marco Urso photographers
Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at 3 p.m.
An interesting meeting with two of the five Italian photographers awarded in this edition and visit to the exhibition 

. Master of Wildlife Photography
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th, May 2018
The master with residential modalities offers a learning process with professionals and it is dedicated to the wildlife photography techniques examined in further details and to the reading of the participants’ portfolio and the use of photo editing instruments. Photographer schoolmasters will be Stefano Unterthiner and Emanuele Biggi. The former awarded 2 prizes as finalist in the 2017 categories The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Story and Urban. The latter is also a famous biologist and anchor of the show Geo.