Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


The exhibition Walter Bonatti. Photographies from the wide spaces celebrates one of the best Italian and world’s alpinists. Thanks to videos, unpublished documents and a particularly involving display inside the Opera Mortai in Forte di Bard, this project traces back the visual tale, the existential events and the adventures of the Italian explorer and alpinist, nicknamed the king of the Alps.

The pictures show more than thirty years of travelling to discover the least visited and the most arduous places of the planet and tell Bonatti’s overwhelming passion for adventure together with his extraordinary competence as a great reporter.
Forte di Bard is proposing this exhibition to promote Skyway, the new Mont Blanc ropeways and to celebrate the150th anniversary of the first ascent of Cervino – Mont Blanc and Cervino being two crucial summits in Bonatti’s life and alpinism.

Visitors can also see some of his significant memorabilia: the typewriter model Everest then named Everest-K2, received as a present on his return from K2 ascent which Bonatti had used all his life; moreover, his gloves and his camera Ferrania Condoretta used on his heroic ascent of Dru, his climbing boots worn on Cervino, his helmet and jacket worn on the Central Pillar of Mont Blanc.

The exhibition is promoted and produced by Associazione Forte di Bard with Contrasto, Civita and Gamm Giunti; Alessandra Mauro and Angelo Ponta curators in partnership with Bonatti Archive.