Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


Fort Bard presents an unprecedented exhibition project of one of the greatest masters of contemporary international photography. Steve McCurry. Mountain Men is the title of Fort of Bard co-production together with Steve McCurry Studio and Sudest57 which deals with the issues of life in mountain areas and the complex interaction between mankind and mountain lands.

A selection of landscapes, portraits and scenes of everyday life highlights the continual and necessary process of adaptation of populations to mountain territory that influences every aspect of people lifestyle: from productive activities to leisure, settlement types, cultivation and breeding to systems and means of transport. The main subject of the exhibition is mountain life, namely highlighting through an image path the anthropological specificities of mountainous people, the ties and interactions between men and the environment and the land in non-flat areas. The mountain affect both the way of life and all man activities, from transports to leisure, from agriculture to energy production, at the same cost of living.

Th exhibition presents 77 imahes of the famous photographer printed and set up in different format and selected by archives with respet to the concept of the projet itself.