Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


Paolo Pellegrin. Frontiers exhibition can be visited from April 30th to November 26th, 2017 in Fort Bard. Through Paolo Pellegrin wide shots you can perceive the drama of the journey of hope for thousands of fleeing migrants looking for a better future: the horror of the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, the experience of landings and staying in shelters.

The exhibition will be held in the exhibition halls of the Opera Ferdinando, by integrating and updating the content of the new Border Museum highlighting the tragic tale of migration, a distinctive feature of our time. Accordingly to the International Organization for Migration this phenomenon will not stop before 2050. The photos are in black and white, they offer a visual and emotional impact and they were taken in 2015. Most of them show the situation on Lesbos Greek Island. Accordingly to data transmitted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in Lesbos Greek Island landed more than 500,000 of the 850,000 refugees arrived in Greece during 2015.

In collaboration with Magnum Photos International Agency in Paris,the exhibition offers an extremely relevant point of view about the plight of migrants, as well as an explicit reflection on the borders – visible or invisible, geographical, political and social – dividing people. In his photos Pellegrin documents the events from the perspective of a photojournalist, but mostly he plays the tragic nature of pain through his experience as a human being. He wants to renew the vision of the events he records: “What interest me mostly is a not over snapshot, where the viewer has the chance to start its own dialogue… I present the question that I have done to myself just in front of dead people, wars and sufferings, then I leave each one to interrogate itself, in order to get an idea”.