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Monte Rosa, a photographic and scientific study

L’Adieu des glaciers: a photographic and scientific study is a four-year project promoted by Fort Bard, dedicated to the transformation of the glaciers in the main Four-thousand metre mountains in Valle d’Aosta. The journey starts in 2020 with the Italian glaciers of Monte Rosa. This exhibition teams photos, scientific research and art, in an iconographic dialogue packed with suggestions from past and present. The photographic aspects are curated by Enrico Peyrot, photographer and photo-historian and Michele Freppaz, professor at the Department of Agrarian, Forestry and Food Sciences at Turin University, is responsible for the scientific part.

The glacial identity of Monte Rosa is presented in a corpus of one hundred previously unseen photos that depict natural and man-made environments, historic-cultural contexts and co-existences, and scientific undertakings. The project has brought together works by expert authors and selected photos from the past 150 years to provide an opportunity for appreciating the quality of the photographic prints from today and yesteryear, the result of specific procedures, instrumentation and materials put into use in the high valleys that descend from Monte Rosa.

Sections in the exhibition
. Angelo Mosso: expert in human physiology at great altitudes
. Umberto Monterin: glaciologist and climatologist, a child of Monte Rosa
. Monte Rosa: a laboratory for contemporary glaciological research
. The glaciers: extraordinary indicators of global climate change
. Enit, Aosta, 1932. The “First photographic art exhibition of the landscape and monuments in Aosta and its province”
. Artistic, technical-scientific, social and popular photographs
. Stereo photography at the turn of the twentieth century
. Four generations of photographs in the upper Valle del Lys
. The Mezzalama Trophy

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