Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


Marc Chagall. The way is the title of the exhibition to be held from June 25th until November 13th, 2016 in Fort of Bard, the main cultural centre of Valle d’Aosta Region. The exhibition is organized by Associazione Forte di Bard in partnership with Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght in Saint-Paul-de–Vence, Picasso Museum in Münster and Chagall Committee in Paris.

Marc Chagall art poetic vocation is the central theme of the exhibition dedicated by Fort of Bard to the great Russian artist. The exhibition takes its name from the impressive oil on canvas created in 1964, owned by the Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the main element of the whole exhibition and exceptionally loaned for the occasion.

La Vie work of art brings together, in such a natural way, most of the themes characterizing Chagall’s artistic production. The links between this painting and the various issues pertaining to his figurative culture invite you to establish a dialectical relationship with works of different types proposed in the exhibition.
Through this autobiography in pictures, the public is invited to read a rich iconographic work of art in a different. Marc Chagall was compared with all the art movements of modern painting, building a unique and artistic itinerary.

Like a Renaissance artist, he experienced all the genres and all the techniques. He is a master of colour and through this thread the exhibition shows a reconciled universe thanks to life, love and art through a selection of paintings, watercolours, gouaches, lithographs, ceramic and tapestries. The artist drew the images for his paintings from his own life, which created major iconographic themes: childhood in Vitebsk; life in Paris; love for Bella and the theme of the lovers; animals, a subject loved by Chagall since he found in it the dominant force of symbolism; religion and the Jewish community.

The thematic articulation of the exhibition helps to reproach easily to the main work of art, as well as to understand the artist’s career and a sensory approach linked to a variety of shapes, colours and poetry.