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In memory of the Aosta Battalion. The 4th Alpini Regiment War Memorial

This exhibition will present 124 of the most representative and significant articles from the history of the Aosta Battalion and the 4th Regiment. These include historic Battalion diaries, letters and photos from the front, period uniforms and personal effects belonging to those who helped write the history of the Battalion and the Regiment. The moral and material promoter of this War Memorial was Colonel Carlo Rossi, commander of the 4th Alpini Regiment from 1927 to 1934, whose aim was to honour the memory and the sacrifice of the Alpini who fought in World War One. Hundreds of these relics have been officially stored in the War Memorial in the Testa Fochi Barracks since 18 May 1940.

This collection of mementoes with their enormous historical value will now be on show for visitors to Fort Bard in the fitting setting of the Museum of Fortifications and Frontiers where historical displays, models, videos, and weapons are used to illustrate progress made in the defence techniques and architectural solutions adopted through the centuries, from Roman times to the nineteenth century, through to the gradual abandoning of fortresses, due to the advent of new war technology in the twentieth century.

The exhibition is organised by Fort Bard and by the Italian Army Alpine Training Centre and it is curated by Gianni Ardoino, Gianfranco Ialongo and the Fort Bard Association.