Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday


From 5th December 2015 to 2nd June 2016, the exhibition displays 114 paintings which are representative of the Dutch and Flemish Golden Age.

The most remarkable pieces works have been granted by belong to the Hohenbuchau Collection, an extraordinary private collection on permanent loan to the Gallery of the Liechtenstein Princely Collections in Vienna on a permanent basis, together with an exquisite series of works owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein himself. Every genre of this important pictorial season, dating back from the late sixteenth century to the beginning of the eighteenth century, is effectively depicted here: historical painting, portrait, genre scene, landscape, marine and still life in numerous iconographic variations : flowers, banquets, fruits, animals, hunting and fishing scenes.

The two most important Flemish masters, forerunners of the Nordic Baroque, Peter Paul Rubens and Anthonis van Dyck, are here represented by a series of portraits, as well as Jacob Jordaens with a Portrait of a Musician and a Holy Family. Among the collection’s masterpieces the visitor may revere the banquet genre, still life with game, rarely exhibited in modern collections in such a number or so refined, the Leiden School of fijnschilder (fine painters) Flemish and Dutch classical landscape and two works by their pioneer Gerard Dou, as well as thestupendous landscape with waterfall by Allart van Everdingen and Jacob van Ruisdael.

Great emphasis has also been given to historic scenes, especially the Mannerisms, those by the Caravaggisti from Utrecht and the Flemish Baroque artists. Finally a limited collection series of samples from other schools could not have been left out: some Italian still life offering further perspectives on art at that time.