Fort Bard open from Thuesday to Sunday

FdB Modern Art Itinerary

FdB Modern is an evocative journey of modern and contemporary art composed of 43 artworks located through the external footpath and the fortified buildings of the Fortress.

Starting from the base and following the path that leads to the top of the rock until the Carlo Alberto Opera, visitors have the possibility to discover some artworks realised by world-class artists, today property of the Fort partly as a consequence of purchases and lending from collectors and European institutions.

The language of sculpture has proven to be extremely suitable to enhance the complex architecture of the Fort. Italian master sculptors’ works enrich the path with emblematic presences which represent Italian art’s different languages of the XX century: Francesco Messina and Floriano Bodini figurative classicism to Giacomo Manzù one, the more experimental one; from Augusto Perez and Luciano Minguzzi hybrid and troubled characters to Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro, Andrea Cascella and Umberto Mastroianni abstract shapes until Gregorio Botta conceptual arts

The fountain in perpetual motion by Pol Bury redraws the area in front of the Stables, as well as Giuseppe Maraniello’s work, and the Business Men by William McEkcheran are placed in the part of the fortress called Passage du Fort.

International master sculptors’ artworks establish a special dialogue even with the indoor spaces of the fortress: from Aristide Maillol to Tony Craig, one the most important English sculptors of our time.

In the Guard House area, visitors could engage with the other languages of visual arts: an oil on paper by Paul Klee, photos by Steve Mc Curry, Ferdinando Scianna, Joseph Koudelka, René Burri, Alex Majoli, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Stuart Franklin and Bert Stern, and wall drawings created for the bookshop by David Tremlett.

The masterpieces could be replaced with other artworks or supplemented by new purchases and lending.