Fort Bard closed


Fort Bard was chosen in 2014 to host part of the filming of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – the epic movie produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by The Walt Disney Studios, becoming one of the movie icons.

The exhibition, open from May 29th 2016 to January 8th 2017, proposes an exciting journey through the off-stage. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is represented by original costumes and props. Unreleased backstage footage shot in the Aosta Valley set locations allows visitors to find out what happens on the set of a complex and futuristic movie production.

The exhibition also features exclusive interviews with director Joss Whedon, the executive producer, Jeremy Latcham, and actors, as well as many set images. Among the objects on show you’ll find the scale model of Fort Bard, in the fictional city of Sokovia, used during creative meetings in film studios in Shepperton (England), and a 1:1 Iron Man scale model. In one room a set is recreated, inspired to the scenography used in the filming, recalling the peculiar atmosphere of the movie. On show also the descriptions of the characters of the movie and the glossary of technical terms used on the set.


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