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In a wonderful, sunny location, Montjovet is unique in that it is the Municipality of the Aosta Valley with the most hamlets, districts and villages; it boasts as many as 50. If you love nature, the hilly part offers many beautiful walks amidst vineyards and chestnut groves, in addition to the scenic characteristic vineyards, which produce fine wine.

Points of interest

Saint-Germain Castle
Saint-Germain Castle was built between the 11th and 12th centuries and is perched 656 m above sea level on the edge of the steep gully carved out by the Dora Baltea river, on a crag that in Roman times was called Mons Jovis, and which is now flanked by the “Mongiovetta”, the stretch of the Aosta Valley region’s 26 Trunk Road dug into the rock. It is one of the region’s most strategic castles, along with the Bard Fortress and Châtel Argent: in the past, its position made it easy to control and defend the village standing at the foot of the rocky mamelon and Aosta Valley’s central valley. Located halfway between the municipalities of Verrès and Saint-Vincent, with the Chenal Tower in sight, Saint-Germain Castle is accessible only from the northern side of the Montjovet promontory. The castle, now in ruins, is one of the largest fortifications in the Aosta Valley. Although it bears evidence of various eras, the typical Aosta Valley primitive fortification arrangement shines through. In other words, it is a Medieval castle with a tall central tower, 19 m tall and 6 m2, surrounded by a majestic wall, to which other buildings were added later on and other walls in subsequent eras. Renaissance-style architecture was then grafted onto this pre-existing structure. To access the castle, from the northern side, it was necessary, and still is today, to follow a path which was easy to defend from above.

Chenal Castle
The castle dates back to the 13th-15th century. Do not miss the rock engravings in the valley below and the cup-shaped wells from prehistoric times above.

Roman Road
(Hamlets of Balmas-Toffoz, Champériou, Berriat and Monquert)

Col D’Arlaz
A stopover for many cyclists and a starting point for hikes and walks. The pass, which affords a spectacular view, houses the ancient mill that was recently restored and the ruins of a Dolmen believed to be from the Copper age, if not earlier. During the spring and autumn seasons, it becomes a stage for Tsan competitions. This traditional local sport is very popular throughout the area.


Patron Saint celebrations of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
(first two weekends of September)

Celebrations of the Patron Saint of Rodoz
An uninhabited village located upstream of the village of Montjovet, where the hamlets of Gettaz and Bellecombe of Châtillon meet (the 1st or 2nd Saturday of July)


Municipality of Montjovet

64, Frazione Berriat
11020 Montjovet (Ao)
T. + 39 0166 79131