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Mont Avic Natural Park and the Champorcher Valley

The Mont Avic Natural Park stretches over the municipalities of Champdepraz and Champorcher in a stunning natural setting with forests and Alpine lakes. The environments have only been slightly altered by mankind; the inaccessible land has limited farming and sheep-rearing activities and tourism, too. The Park’s forests, which were exploited in the past for mining activities, now offer a glorious spectacle. More than one third of the protected area is covered by forests of Mountain Pine, Scots Pine, larch and beech trees. These forests are especially vast in the Champdepraz valley. The upper Champorcher valley, with more gentle, rolling mountains, boasts vast grasslands playing host to Alpine ibex, chamois and Alpine marmots.

The Mont Avic Natural Park features many interesting natural elements: geological formations, dozens of lakes, fens and peat bogs. Nowhere else in the Aosta Valley will you find as many of these of this size. There is also a fauna consisting of all the most well-known Alpine animals in the region.