Fort Bard closed

Vins Extrêmes: the best of high altitude wines

The event takes place in the majestic setting of the Fortress of Bard and is a great exhibition of wines from so-called “heroic viticulture”, practiced in extreme environments where indigenous grapes are grown: these are uncontaminated environments on steeply sloping land and at high altitudes where the particular climatic conditions produce wines with unique characteristics.

Over these two days, there are numerous producers from the European Alpine regions and some special guests from other areas representative of heroic viticulture.

The basic idea behind the event is the discovery, meeting and exchange of experiences, knowledge and stories related to the difficulty and passion in growing vines in heroic regions.

There are many initiatives scheduled: tastings of extreme wines and the winning wines of the 27th international competition of mountain wines, taste workshops, round tables and conferences.

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