Fort Bard open from Thuesday to Sunday

By train to the Fort: gifts and discounts for users

Thanks to 19 regional daily connections from Monday to Saturday and 12 during the weekend stopping in Hone-Bard railway station, you can easily reach Fort of Bard by train which is just 500 meters far from the station. A chance to visit the monument leaving the car at home and keeping an eye for the environment.

Many initiatives are dedicated to travelers who reach the town by train. In fact, it will be possible to freely entry at the Fort and to obtain discounted tickets for all the exhibition areas by presenting the single ticket with departure or arrival in Hone-Bard or the rail pass, both weekly that monthly.

The initiatives comes from an agreement signed between Fort of Bard Association and Valle d’Aosta Trenitalia Management which will be valid until December 31st, 2021.

PH. + 39 0125 833811

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