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Bonne Vallée

Bonne Vallée opened in the heart of the Lower Aosta Valley in the pretty little village of Vert, which lies on the right-hand bank – when looking downstream – of the Dora Baltea, in the municipality of Donnas. The revival of ancient, authentic flavours, following the tradition handed down to us by our grandfathers, is at the heart of an activity that we wish to propose to increasingly conscious and loyal consumers.

Our journey began in 1990 with the successful trial of the “potatoes-corn” crop rotation. Also at that time, the rediscovery of an ancient wood-fired oven opened up the door to a new, exciting opportunity: making rye bread using natural rising methods with sourdough. We have had some of the best times of our lives next to our oven: the long nights spent baking bread with friends, and then, as the new day dawned over our mountains, savouring that aroma that cannot be put into words, but that stays with you forever…

Nowadays, we devote ourselves with the same passion of yesterday to producing baked goods using various types of grain, in our farmhouse surrounded by corn-planted fields. Our production is designed to follow the rhythms of Mother Nature, with a view to offering our clientèle products that have not been subjected to unnatural treatment. Thanks to the great attention we pay to “product quality” and our constant work, day in, day out, in harmony with our “philosophy” of life, we are able to reap the satisfaction we feel on a daily basis through the warmth and friendship of our customers. You can taste our specialities in the farmhouse, get a close-up look at where and how we work and enjoy your holiday with us in contact with nature at our Lou Rosé holiday farm. You can also find us at the many street markets and at fairs in the Aosta Valley, Piedmont and many other regions in Northern Italy. Look out for us: it could definitely be the start of a wonderful new friendship.


Bonne Vallée

29, Via Mamy
11020 Donnas (Ao)
T. + 39 0125 804098