Fort Bard open from Tuesday to Sunday

Auberge de la Gare. Hostel

An unconventional Hostel. That’s right: we’re an unconventional hostel.

Auberge de la Gare is set in an outstanding location inside what was once Hône railway station, built in 1850 and now renovated. Climb the ancient stone staircase up to the rooms with their sweeping ceilings. Each room boasts its own character. We’re easy to find! The entrance to the Auberge is just a stone’s throw from the train station. You can use our electric bikes to enjoy the nature and history in the surrounding area, visiting castles or vineyards in the Lower Aosta Valley.

The hostel concept lives on only in the name… we are a small hotel geared for people with a passion for life in the slow lane, for lovers of simple things and friendly hospitality, those who relish the outdoor experiences of the mountains, by mountain bike, simply on foot, paragliding or even tackling a freeride slope on skis.

But that’s not all the Auberge is… with workshops dedicated to natural remedies, floral design, cooking and much more, it is a meeting place where you can learn a new art or delve deeper into one of your passions. You can do all that here. We stand at the foot of Forte di Bard (the Bard Fortress), where Napoleon was stopped with his troops during his invasion of Italy.

The Auberge is the starting point for countless adventures. Now it’s just up to you to decide if you want to share those adventures with us.


Auberge de la Gare

1, Stazione Street
11020 Hône (Aosta)
T. +39 327 9856078
T. +39 327 0309435