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Art Com Association of Pont-Saint-Martin Craftspeople and Traders

The association unites businesses in the Pont-Saint-Martin area, with a view to stepping up collaboration and negotiations, in order to promote the development and attractiveness of the town’s overall trading and tourism image and engage with other associations, bodies and public administrations, etc..
The Association represents a very diverse array of businesses: from bars and restaurants to shops of all kinds, from groceries to clothes shops. The main street, Via Chanoux, boasts the largest cluster of shops and crafts boutiques, forming an open-air shopping arcade set in the historical centre of Pont-Saint-Martin, tucked behind the Roman Bridge built thousands of years ago.

The diverse range of shops here, some historical and others recently opened, can meet all kinds of needs. The superior quality of products and services is the true strength of the goods the town has to offer. In Pont-Saint-Martin, you can find truly excellent products, with highly sought-after handmade items, especially in the food sector.



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